Kids Carpet

Kids Carpet

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Kids Carpet

Kids Carpet is ready to deliver to you. If you have questions about kids carpet call us at 1-888-254-9804.

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Learning Categories Rug
Teach your children about healthy eating, community helpers, nature friends, weather, and transportat...
Dinosaur Walk Rug
Children can follow in the footsteps of these prehistoric beasts developing motor skills while learni...
Compass Rug
Let the Compass Rug direct the way to learning fun! Practice the alphabet, numbers, and telling time....
Earthworks Rug
Introduce children to the benefits of a healthy planet with this beautiful rug. Memorable icons of na...
Motivation Mat Rug
This simple design enables educators to encourage their students' efforts. Teacher's can recognize a ...
ABC Feelings Rug
This award-winning, interactive children's rug is truly a multi-functional tool. Improve relationship...
Noah's Ark Rug
Perfect for daycare or Pre-K, this timeless image will be an attractive addition to any nursery or ch...
Jump Start Rug
Designed specifically for Head Start classrooms, this rug allows young children to choose a picture t...
Bilingual Teaching Carpet
Introduce children to a second language with this exciting bilingual teaching tool. Familiar pictures...
Creataville Rug
This simple design offers children the opportunity to be imaginative when constructing their own uniq...
Crayons Carpet
Color names and letters combine to make a playful and educational design, perfect for classrooms, cra...
Bookworm Carpet
Invite the Bookworm carpet into your library or study area. This delightful design will brighten a ro...
Canadian Geography Rug
The maple leaf is proudly displayed on the Canadian flag above this colorful map of Canada. Familiar ...
Around the Block Rug
Children will find numbers, upper case and lower case alphabet, seasons, shapes, animals, and fun on ...
Lots of Dots Rug
Make the transition from chairs to floor much easier with this organizational rug. Each row has a col...
Circus Elephant Parade Rug
Everyone loves a circus parade, and these pleasant pachyderms will lead children to literacy with the...
First Signs Rug
Young children can learn communication skills even before they learn to talk. These first signs will ...
Lion and Lamb Rug
Establish a peaceful tone in your classroom or playroom with this stunning rug depicting a majestic l...
First lessons Rug
Circles, squares, ovals, rectangles, and all the other geometric shapes children enjoy identifying, c...
Flags of the World Rug
Children can locate the seven continents and major oceans represented on this stunning carpet with a ...
ABC Animals Rug
Nothing fancy, just good plain fun with this rug bordered by animals ranging from a blue dog to a yel...
Around the Block Rug
Cheerful, polite, friendly, obedient, helpful, honest, and kind; Mr. Bee will help all children to ke...
Creative Play House Rug
Children will enjoy hours of playing house on this rug. The details are charming, and every room has ...
Flags of Canada Rug
Canadian children will take pride in identifying their provinces and flags with this beautiful rug. C...
Favorite Rhymes Rug
Each letter of the alphabet on this rug corresponds to a picture representing a popular nursery rhyme...
Note Worthy Music Rug
Music can be an invaluable addition to the classroom. Children can practice math skills, simple and c...
Count On Me Rug
Count on this classroom carpet to provide a comfortable, cozy area where children can practice simple...
Musical Chairs Rug
The perfect rug to define an area for singing, sharing, and story telling. Each child can choose a ch...
Numbers Rule Rug
Emphasize the value of strong math skills with this playful design focusing on numbers and rulers. Gr...
Football Fun Rug
This football field rug will entice children of all ages to tee up the pigskin for hours of fun. They...
Alphascript Rug
Prepare children for an easy transition from printing to cursive with the D'Nealian Alphabet. Childre...
Check Us Out Library Rug
When you teach children the joy of books, they will be lifetime readers. Inquire about customized tex...
Koi Pond Garden Rug
The quiet edge of a peaceful koi pond will be the perfect gathering place for children to think, read...
Hands Around the World Carpet
This irresistable classroom carpet with soft blended colors will spark lively discussions about world...
Amazing ABCs Rug
SIZES CC - 5'4" X 7'8" Oval DD - 7'8" X 10'9" Oval E - 7'7" Round GG - 10'9" x 13'...
Monkey Business Rug
These playful companions will make literacy more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Get ready for reading ...
Butterfly Delight Rug
Children will delight in these delicate insects with jewel-tone gossamer wings. This carpet will be a...
Petal Pushers Alphabet and Counting Rug
Children will enjoy the colorful alphabet and pretty pots of petals on this delightful carpet. SIZ...
Sherlock Holmes Look Into Reading Rug
A library or bookstore holds untold treasures for you to discover. Join Sherlock and his little dog a...
Montessori Alphabet Rug
This beautiful classroom carpet in soft blue colors features the lower case alphabet in the Montessor...
Button Button Bilingual Rug
Inspired by the simple children's game, "Button-Button, who's got the button," this Spanish/English c...
Fish Tales Rug
Don't waste time treading water…pick up a good book and dive right in with this whimsical rug,...
In Training Carpet
Children are fascinated with trains, and you can be sure every little engineer will want to chug alon...
Colorific Crayon Rug
Created to capture the youthful exuberance of preschool and kindergarten, Colorific provides a joyful...
Animal Crackers Carpet
he animal shapes with cozy quilt patterns will make a room feel comfortable and inviting. SIZES ...
Edu-Squares Rug
The alphabet, numbers, seasons, shapes, and colors are all found on this vivid carpet designed to mak...

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